I have been onboarding some people to PoolTogether V4, and a question that I always get is:
"If I have demposited 10K and I already have 1:1 odds of a getting a daily prize, why should I deposit any more USDC?"
What this people are not seeing is that the changes of getting the big prize or any other prize from other tiers are really affected if they deposit more money. Therefore, allowing the UI to show the % chance of getting each specific prize tier could help a lot and give clarity to the web users.
This could be implemented as a hyperlink in the in the "1 in X" chances. That hyperlink opens a popup on that same page that displays the detailed odds. If we want to make it even fancier, this popup could have several windows showing daily, weekly or yearly odds.
By the way, I think that people understand better % chances than 1 in X chances. Also, exact odds are really hard to calculate, but an aproximation will definitely be worth it for users.